Saturday, August 30, 2008


The following is an AAR (After Action Review) of the following incidents, leading to the award of super mom, presented by myself to myself...

Who: Princess
When: Friday Morning
Where: Breakfast Table
What: Princess puking her breakfast and her dinner from last night all over the kitchen table.
Reason for the award: Hubby is gone and has been for two weeks
Actions Taken: Mopping, Bath, some gagging (on my part) some loves (that I would pay for later)

When: 12:20am, 1:20am, 2:20am, 3:20am, 4:20am, 5:20am, 7am Saturday Morning
Who: Hosmerita (me)
Where: Master Bathroom Porcelain throne, followed by a day on the couch with two super energised children running around (princess was feeling much better.)
What: Revisiting my meals from the past 2 days.
Reason For Award: See above

I fully accept the award of Super Mom, at least for the next few days.

By the way I weighed myself this morning just for fun, I have lost 8 pounds. I am sure the whole puking numerous times thing helped jump start the weight loss!


momaof4 said...

Ohhhh yuck. I hope your bouncing back as fast as the little ones!!!

Way to go on that weight loss too, But your not to weigh in right? Are you cheating???? Anyway, way to go!!!!

Sharon said... skipped 6:20am and made it ALL the way to 7am! That must have been encouraging! : )

So sorry to hear about the yucks!! We (the PW's) are already praying for you, friend!!

Hosmerita said...

I am so totally busted on the weigh in thing. I was just curious to see how much the cookie tossing helped.
Seriously at that point I needed some good news.
I promise I wont cheat until my next weigh in (tomorrow)!

Glory Laine said...

What can I do? Nothing? I am held captive with my three little wardens holding the key. I am so sorry and hoping you are all better.

Rachel said...

Oh you poor thing! I hate getting the flu...especially after your little darling feels all better. I hope you're doing better now!

Alida said...

Ugh! I'm sorry you were sick. I hate being sick now that I have kids. It's one thing when you can just lie in bed and do nothing all day. It's completely different when you still have to feed little ones! I hope you recover quickly.

Here to your health and to healthy eating!

Mindy said...

Every time Zack leaves it seems like one of us gets sick. When we were in Oregon, Audrey and I got the stomach bug twice! Thankfully, my neighbors were off when I was sick and they took Audrey. Hang in there!

priscilla tilgner said...

oh my goodness Kim! Your amazing. how you do it I don't know. But seriously you are a supr mom!

Angela said...

You are hilarious!!!

I am going to see Rebecca Friday and she said she will pass on your treat!!! :)

Thanks for making us laugh!