Monday, June 20, 2011

What a Blog? Oh yeah I have a Blog!!

Well Hello Bloggers,
I know that it is pretty sad that I haven't posted in oh 2 years... so rather than update you all on the past two years, I am going to let you all in on the immediate goings ons in Hosmeritaville.

I know that my facebook posts have been ambiguously referring to big changes etc, and I am now ready to let you all in on the story.

The Hubster and I are strongly considering a move to San Antonio. That's right the big state of Texas, where people are still conservative, and that big golden orb in the sky actually makes a daily appearance. I know that God has a plan for us, I do not feel that that plan includes staying here in the Capital city of Rain.

My issue is just calming down and letting God take the reigns. All in due time, all in God's timing, pray more, these are all things that I keep hearing from people. The thing is, I pray, a lot, and by a lot, I mean I seriously have an internal dialogue with the Big Man all day long. I am pretty sure I am on His list of "ramblers" so I don't really need to hear that I need to pray more, because trust me, I am a prayer.

Planning a new life in a state that is far away, very different, and you have only been to once in your life is kind of daunting. We have great family down there, family that my kids have never really been close with, family that i feel it is very important to build a relationship with. the Hubster's family, with the exception of one sister and his Momma are all down there. I have been surrounded by my family for the past errr... hmmm 28 years and I know how important it is to have that strong relationship, so I think it is time for the Hubster to have that chance. We were blessed enough to have the opportunity to leave the kiddos with my parents for a week, and to head on down to the Lone Star state for a week long vacation of just the Hubster an myself. We slept in, drove around looking at neighborhoods, spent countless hours having a blast in his parents pool and really growing the relationship with his father and step-mom. We had A BLAST! We ate more than we should have, drank more than we should have, and I got waaaaay more sun than I should have. His sister and I were lucky enough to have poolside dinner and bar service in the backyard pool, and made our way down to a hole in the wall where her husband and I beat the pants off of the siblings in darts (go Team France!)

Needless to say i may have fell in love with the state of Texas. Now that we are back I fall in love a little bit more, for one my allergies have decided to try to kill me on an hourly basis. While Texas is a little dusty, it feels cleaner, more wholesome, nobody begging for money all day on the overpasses. The Hubster and I look at each other daily and our decision is becoming much more clear on a daily basis.

So we turn it over to God, our hearts are open to change, and we are committed to making that change, it is now all in His hands and on His timeline...