Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mamma's Boy

I just had to share this. He is so sweet I want to gobble him up!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Moses Needs a New Home

Hello All,

I am in desperate need for a wonderful new home for Moses the Wonder Cat. I have VERY bad asthma and can no longer deal with the allergies. Tonight we had to take our dog to the vet because him and Moses we playing and Moses' back claw scratched Gizmo's eye.He is a wonderful cat and I love him so much and I am sobbing as I write this, but I have truly hit a wall. He deserves to be in a wonderful home and I need your help.

He is so sweet and is so personable. He thinks he is a dog and loves his tummy scratched. He will want to snuggle.

Here are the facts of Moses:

He was hit by a car when he was 4 weeks old, so he has an amputated tail and a pin in his hip. (Neither of these hinder him whatsoever)

He has his tendons cut so he can't scratch up furniture, however this means that he can NEVER go outside.

He loves the window so access is a must.

But most of all he just wants to be loved. We would prefer if he went to a home without kids (Princess has put him through enough.) but if they are older and know not to sit on him or be mean to him(unlike Princess) then that is fine. We would also prefer a home without other animals, or at least ones who are open for a new friend.

With the fiding of a new home I will privide the following:
Litter Box
Littermate (Diaper Genie for cat poo)
20lb bag of food unopened
40lb box of litter unopened (maybe unopened, depends on how long it takes to find him a home)
Food and Water Dishes
If you can't take him in please pray that we will find him a new loving home. This is really heavy on my heart because he is a member of our family, and we love him, but want the best for him.

Thank You...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Clothe Yourselves With Love

This was written by my religion professor. I am so impressed that a professor in a public university would write this and post it publicly. I guess it helps that it is a religion class, but it gives me hope for our education system.

Clothe Yourselves With Love by Karyn Chambers
While driving home from Lebanon tonight after a particularly long teaching day, I pondered thoughts of clothing and our choices of what to wear. Actually, I thought about it earlier today as well driving "to" class--driving can sometimes be time for a meditation or a time of reflecting for me.

We Americans can get caught up with the fashion trends. I remember as a young person feeling especially upset because I wanted to fit in at school. I wanted more than anything to fit in though; I wanted more than that to be liked and have lots of friends. Well, the most popular girls wore the latest fashions, and it seemed to me, in my childish mind, that perhaps that was the key to everything. If one could wear the right clothes and be cute, the world would be open. Of course, my parents were struggling with money, so our clothes were often purchased at the Goodwill store--talk about a source of shame and embarrassment. What child, in our materialist society, wants the other kids to know his or her clothes came from a secondhand store?

So, what I was pondering today is a couple of things: Those who take monastic vows and the hippie movement. Is there any correlation? Yes, actually I believe there is. In all the world's monastic traditions, those who take vows of poverty give up all pride, material possessions, and vanity. The women shave their heads and wear no jewelry (except a crucifix) or make-up ever. The men also shave their heads. It is called tonsure: the bald center portion of the heads. Do you know why? (This is cool.) Because prisoners or slaves of Rome wore the same haircut--thus slaves of Christ. The Buddhist monks wear saffron robes--the color of prisoners. The Christian monks wore burlap--the clothing of the poorest in society to show humility and remain true to their vow of poverty and also to identify with those going through hard times.

What is the message or the symbolism of their clothing? We are all poor in Christ. We are slaves of sin and vice. It is an outward recognition of such, and thus what their vows are all about--becoming true seekers of God and renunciation of material or worldly pursuits in exchange for the spiritual path--the inward journey--not an easy path--the narrow one that's as sharp as the razor's edge, as the Upanishads state.

So why the hippie movement? Well, I was remembering how those caught up in the love and peace movement of the 60's and 70's also renounced materialism and wore clothes with holes or different from the general public to make a statement that spiritual things are of the highest most valuable acquisition, more important than materialism and being part of the crowd--the herd sucked in to believe that what we wear, where we live, or what we drive is the path to happiness and love..A similar message. Hippies were also ridiculed, scorned, and looked down upon as many of the saints, apostles, and other religious seekers...
I guess I was realizing a shift in myself and recognizing what matters most--not our outer clothes but our inner spirit, for that is what reveals who we truly are and what's in our hearts. That's not to say that there's not a time and place for presenting ourselves in the best way possible. I'm just trying to say when it becomes our focus and obsession, then perhaps we need to free ourselves from this distraction.

Amen, Lord, Jesus, let us clothe ourselves with humility, loving-kindness, and peace, for these are the most beautiful clothes of all. Also, let us not judge others by what they wear but see passed the outer appearances of others and into the heart. Thank you for this gift of insight today...Amen, Lord, come and fill my heart with your sweet gifts.

Written by Karyn Chambers

What a fantastic post this is, I just had to share with my blogger friends!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tag you're it!

Ok, here are my 8 random Hosmeritaisms.

1. I was the captain of the cheer leading squad.
2. I have a few Musicals under my belt including my fave, Grease.
3. I eat the chocolate chips before they make it in the cookies.
4. I got purposed to in St. Maarten when I was 19 years old, by a man who called himself Loverboy Roy. Here is the proposal:
Loverboy: "Hey Baby, Are you American?"
Me (trying to run): "Yes"
Loverboy: "I'm looking for a wife."
Me (thinking to myself "greeeaaat"): "Oh yeah?"
Loverboy: "You'd be alright, you wanna marry me?"
Me (trying not to laugh outloud, but almost peeing myself): "No thanks."
Loverboy: "Ok"
He then proceeded to turn to my friend and start the same conversation.
5. I am supposed to wear glasses for an astigmatism, but they make my head hurt.
6. I am a 3/4 time student.
7. Hubby was my manager at a bar , that we both bar tended at.
8. I like walking in the rain. (I got used to it in college, walking 8 blocks to campus.)

Well that's all I can think of today! Off to do homework.
Tag, your turn...

Monday, October 8, 2007

My 6 month old the clean freak...

Ok, here is my little man. Is he laughing because the can really is all that funny? Or is he really laughing out of disbelief that I am actually cleaning? I think I should send this into AFV.

For Meghan... And anyone else feeling bad about their preggers bellies...

Ok Ladies,
Here it is. My roadmap of a belly. By the time I delivered my belly button had gone back in and was now the size of a Silver Dollar.
Now, feel better.