Friday, June 27, 2008


Here is Ming-Ming (Or Tinkerbelle, Ava keeps jumping between the two names)! She was born on May 19th and will be able to come home with us in two weeks. We are so excited for her to join our family we can hardly stand it!!!!

I had you all fooled didn't I! Thank you for all the phone calls and kind comments, no more children for me (that I know of or plan on having), I am just trying to become that crazy dog lady!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

We are expecting!

I know, I know,
4 kids is a bit crazy but we are so excited we can hardly stand it! Stay tuned for pictures and more info.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hello from the woman who fell off the face of the blogging world...

Has it really been TWO months since my last post????
I will tell you I was in a funk. I have a week and a half break before classes start again and I am loving it. I didn't do so hot in Microbiology and Geology but who in their right mind takes those classes together! I am more disappointed because I know I could have gotten A's in both of them, but I slacked off and didn't do the work. I think it was that eye opener that I was needing to get motivated again.
I have been battling depression for the last year or so and have finally found a medication that works for me. Zoloft is my new best friend. I have a new outlook on life, I enjoy each day much more than I did before. I didn't realize just how bad it was until my hubby was working away from home for a week and I didn't have a breakdown. Wow, my poor kids, my poor husband, I was not in good shape. I am finally getting my head above water and feel like I can breathe again.
One thing that I have noticed is that I am growing stronger in my faith. I actually sat down and started reading my Bible. I got motivated after our church's dedication of the new sanctuary. I really do think that I was in a cloud. I know that some people think that we should rely on our faith to get through the depressing times, and I was one of them. However, after being on this medication I realize that I was unable to tap into my faith in the condition I was in.
I am taking time to take care of my self lately. I am getting my nails done again, I need a haircut, but I will take care of that as soon as I find a new stylist. I am feeling better. I do need to eat better and exercise, but I am feeling more motivated to do that now.
I have been thinking about my ministry lately and I think that ministering to women is my calling. I don't think I am one of those super inspiring people, but I have the gift of telling it like it is. I am not afraid to help others by airing out my own flaws. None of us are perfect even though sometimes it feels like we are expected to be. I find joy in making other women feel comfortable by knowing they are not alone. With that I have decided to take on a little more responsibility in my MOPS group. Karen and the friends I have made through that group have inspired me to be a better woman in faith. Next year I will be in charge of coordinating speakers for our meetings. I am really excited for the responsibility and want to make this year a big open book type of year. The theme this year is adventures in motherhood, and I think that is the perfect theme for a group of moms. Motherhood IS an adventure, not all adventures are fun ones, some are the most trying times of our lives, but if we rely on our faith to help us through we will be onto the next fun adventure before we know it. I want my fellow moms to know that we aren't all Bree Vandecamps (she was actually far from perfect but put on a good facade...) there are many Susans and Lynettes out there, and we are just fine that way. (If you are not a Desperate Housewives Fan you will be lost...)

So ladies, with that this far from perfect woman promises not to stay away for so long.