Monday, April 7, 2008

Two Letters One Post

Dear Portland Man who Called My Husband and His Co-Workers Baby Killers,
I just wanted to bring something to your attention. I know that the other day when you were walking by Starbucks and spotted a few soldiers sitting there enjoying a cup of coffee that you couldn't help yourself but to call them baby killers. I am sure that you have some valid reason in your head for doing so, but I am here to bring you back to planet Earth. The three soldiers that you spoke to are not coming back from killing a bunch of babies as you said, instead they work the daily grind ensuring that you still have the right to speak the thoughts that enter your peanut sized brain. I almost said that you were uneducated, but the scary thing is you probably do have a college degree, and you might have also seen combat in your day. Unfortunately you may fall into the category of former soldiers (with saying the words you did you no longer can claim to be a veteran) who came back from a war and threw the real soldiers under the bus.
I would like to see how much you would like life if these so called baby killers had never existed to protect your freedom.
The American soldiers fighting in The Middle East are fighting against real baby killers. Have you heard of the Beslan Massacre in Russia? It was funded by Al Qaeda, babies were raped and killed in front of their parents and fellow students. Our soldiers are fighting to rid the world of those monsters, they are not monsters themselves.
I have been fortunate enough that my husband has not had to go to combat, but if he did I would be proud and would hold down the fort back here at home. Two of the men at that table have been on deployments and left their families at home while you got cozy in your organic sheets.
Why don't you get into a conversation with my friend who gave birth to her son a few months back and had her husband on a web cam from Iraq? I bet she would have a few choice words for you. What sacrifices have you made for this country that gives you freedom of speech lately? Have you sacrificed anything like this Oregon Native and his family, whom I worked with for two years? How about you get into a conversation with his wife who has been raising their son alone since his death a little over a year ago.
How about the next time a thoughtless comments boils up inside, you call and tell someone who is mindless enough to care. Or better yet why don't you find a country that will share your same sentiments.
A Soldier's Wife and A Proud American

Dear Man on a Harley,
Dear Sir, I am not sure that you realize the thoughtfulness of your actions the other day. You rode up to Starbucks on your Harley and spotted three soldiers sitting enjoying a cup of coffee. You then proceeded to purchase them each a $25 gift card. What you may not have realized is that not five minutes before they had all been called baby killers by the mindless idiot I mention above. Sir you are a TRUE American, and I thank you for your kind heart. You are a true blessing.
A Soldier's wife


Stephanie said...

What is it with this week and crazy insulting people? I had a run in with some folks this week, too. Goofy.

Isn't it crazy what this world brings us in practically the same moment? From hurtful words to thoughtful ones, I'm glad to hear that Mr. Harley came to the rescue. What a cool thing to do.

momaof4 said...


Amazing what people say out loud. Good Greif!!!

Amazing what little acts of kidness people do for others!!!!!!! That is amazing.

Mindy said...

Are you serious! This is why Zack usuallly only wore his uniform at work when we lived in Oregon. Now that we live on post, he doesn't have to deal with that. I always thought it was so sad that he didn't feel "comfortable" wearing it in public while we lived there. If we would meet him for lunch somewhere, he's ask me to bring him civilian clothes. Sad!

Angela said...

WOW what in the world is wrong with people and then yet there is nothing but kindness from others.

Their Giant said...

Wow. That stinks, glad Mr. Motorcycle was there to bring a smile

Stefanie said...

Thanks for your letters and more importantly your VOICE heard above all the insensitive ones out there.

And yes, loved Mr. Harley man. So glad that the day ended on a more positive note.

Also, thanks for your comments on my blog lately and my friend, Leslie. I'm sure you made her smile! It did me.

Rachel said...

Isn't it strange how life can put some really horrible people in your path....and then in the next moment some really amazing ones. I am so glad the Harley guy helped cheer the guys back up!

Alida said...

People! Sometimes they can just be crazy mean. Glad someone sane came along to balance out the day.

Lara Marriott said...

Wow!! God is faithful. I am glad something good came out of it. Some people say very hurtful things without really thinking about someone's feelings. I am sorry that happened. I am glad you shared this with all of us. = )

Ginger said...

And in the end times they will call "good evil, and evil good."

I'm so thankful I happened upon your blog. You are precious and inspirational.

Blessings to you and your family.