Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So I know that I said I would post more, but this is what has been going on in the Hosmerita household;
1. New fence
2. Hubby gone
3. Sister-in-law and fam in town
4. New puppy
5. Potty training puppy and three year old
6. Little man getting 8 teeth at once
7. MIDTERMS.....

So do you want to know the difference between potty training a puppy and a three year old? Nothing, they both would prefer to pee in the grass, but if they really have to go, they are happy going on the floor, the bed, the couch, pretty much wherever they darn well feel like it. They will however move over 2 inches from where they were previously sitting to go.
The biggest difference is that the puppy comes running for a treat even after she pees on my pillow, pumpkin just goes and hides, and then comes out saying "It's ok Mommy, it happens, you need to clean it."
Yes sweetheart it does happen, but Mommy would be so much happier if it happened in the potty.


momaof4 said...

Maybe she should clean it! :)

Puppy training! I think all new couples should get a dog before kids...really they aren't that much different!

Meghan said...

THe difference between a puppy and kids? You can leave the puppy home alone locked in a kennel... :) Good luck with the potty training!!

Ona said...

Not looking forward to potty training. She has no interest right now. So, I won't push it. Good luck!

Rachel said...

Ha Ha Ha!! Good luck with the potty training....sounds like you've got yourself a challenge!

Sharon said...

Oh my word, your new little girl is just adorable!!! But I can't imagine potty training a child AND a dog at the same time!! I wonder who will finish first!!

Stefanie said...

We're potty training too. #1 thing is going well. #2 thing not so great...had to go buy suppositories tonight for her, because she is holding it??? for days upon days. NOT FUN!

Let's buy ourselves something very expensive when this is all said and done. ha!

Hope you have fun with your hubby when he gets home - hurray!!